To effectively invest in your colleagues, your family  and your community you have to start by investing in yourself. Having ambitious goals, being aware of who you are, and knowing what you want are what make you the leading business women that you are. Professional coaching gives you the vantage point to identify blind spots that are holding you back, view the world from different perspectives and gain a powerful sense of accountability that propels you forward in achieving your most fulfilling career and life. Rise Coaching is all about building a culture of investing in ourselves so we can show up as leading women in every aspect of our lives.

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Kris Peterson is a leadership coach and an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team. As a coach, she believes in empowering people to realize their potential with confidence and influence.  Kris began her coaching career 11 years ago as a church coach - helping congregations develop their ministries and missions, and in the process realized that she needed a better way to teach people how to be leaders.  Since then, she has utilized her training in The John Maxwell Team to help people lead themselves and others more intentionally and discover true significance in their personal and business lives.

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Kris Thaller is owner of Coaching Dimensions, a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Academy Soft Skills Trainer and faculty member for The Academy for Coaching Excellence, an accredited coach training program of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Coaching clients include small business owners and busy professionals who want to sharpen their focus and balance their everyday actions so they can accomplish what they truly want. She knows that anytime people start creating something new or different, it’s a journey that takes courage, heart and wisdom. As a Coach, it is her privilege to teach people in a clear and simple way how to take action in their life with clarity, focus, ease and grace. 

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Dave Majorins is a thirty-seven-year seasoned entrepreneur that has a deep passion for the pursuit of personal growth and entrepreneurship. As a certified and credentialed Development Coach through the ICF, his primary purpose is to inspire entrepreneurial builders to discover, develop, and direct, their entrepreneurial talent so that they can maximize their unique potential. Dave’s coaching & consulting practice is focused on empowering clients to get and stay on track as they work to build what they are building in alignment with who they really are. Dave helps his clients to consistently move from where they are to where they want to be.

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Amy Kloefkorn, owner of NoBull Change, helps her clients create their best year yet by getting out of their own head and creating meaningful and intentional change in their life. When we become aware of the thoughts we tell ourselves and let go of the ones that don’t serve us there is nothing in our way of the career and life that we envision. Amy’s clients learn to lead with a new level of accountability, transparency and a mindset of growth and abundance. Amy is completing her professional coaching certification through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and has been coaching professionals for eight years.

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Traci Johns, owner of Grow24, is a Certified Executive Coach specializing in Productivity and Time Management.   Traci’s coaching process brings structure to your goal process, which increases focus and creates faster results with less effort.  In addition, your beliefs, perceptions and attitudes about the world and yourself can undermine your success.  Traci can help you explore these and give you the help and tools needed to implement new success behaviors and strategies.  

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Sarah Collins, owner of Collins Career Coaching, is a career coach, certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and creator/co-facilitator of Adulting 101. If you've ever felt stuck in your job, a lack of energy in your life, or like you were missing out on what life truly has in store for you, then you should have a conversation with Sarah. Specializing in helping young professionals discover, develop, and enhance their careers Sarah offers coaching to propel young adults into the career and life they always dreamed they'd have. Using a strengths-based approach, combined with genuine authenticity and enthusiasm, Sarah can help you figure out what your next job should be, create a resume and cover letter to get you noticed, prepare you to rock an interview, and then will coach you on negotiating a salary you'll be proud of earning. You can also find her on Instagram (@sarahcoachcollins) sharing career advice, new mom struggles and triumphs, baby pictures, and fighting for self love everyday.